Menu Stendhal





Tris of bruschetta bread (tomato, chicory & scamorza, zucchini and anchovies)
Selection of steamed vegetables with basmati rice and curry sauce
Aubergines in Parmigiana way
Local hams on chopping board
Selection of grilled vegetables with buffalo mozzarella
Caprese : buffalo mozzarella with ramati tomatoes
Stracciatella of Buffalo mozzarella with sauce made of dried cherry tomatoes
Zucchini flowers filled with ricotta cheese and basil pesto
Beef carpaccio with rucola and Grana cheese flakes
S. Daniele raw ham 18 months with melon or mozzarella
Culatello Zibello ham with cubes of grana cheese
“Stendhal” : Zucchini flowers, culatello, stracciatella of bufalo mozzarella
Shrimps cocktail with avocado
Warm octopus salad with potatoes, capers and taggiasche olives and rucola sauce
Tuna fish or salmone tartare with oil and lemon, on bed soncino salad
Mix of seafood au gratin
Shellfishes in Catalana way (lobster or shrimps or prawns)



Our First Courses


Spaghetti with tomato sauce, or garlic oil and chili pepper, or with Bolognese ragout
Tagliolini in “Micol” way with fresh tomato and stracciatella
Chitarrucci in real “Carbonara” way
Gragnano paccheri “all’Amatriciana”
Rice with zucchini flowers and certosa cheese perfumed with truffle
Tonnarelli with white veal’s ragout perfumed with truffle
Chef’s lasagna
Ravioli filled with burrata mozzarella and cherry tomatoes
Spaghetti with clams or Rice with seafood
Wholemeal spaghetti with shrimps, zucchini and cherry tomatoes
Risotto with pumpkin and veracious clams
Home-made fresh egg-pasta tagliolini with prawns, cherry tomatoes and olives pesto
Wheat spaghetti or wholemeal spaghetti with fresh crab
Linguine with lobster



Our main courses


Veal’s paillard with oven-baked potatoes
Thinly sliced beef fillet with rucola and grana cheese
Beef’s rags with Modena balsamic vinegar, Grana cheese flakes and rucola
Veal in tuna sauce
Beef fillet tartare with its sauces
Lamb chops in rosemary and blueberries sauce with oven-baked potatoes
Beef fillet on choice: green pepper, orange, grilled, Cognac, Barolo…on request
T-bone steak with grilled vegetables and rosemary potatoes (min. x2) each
Sea-bass in crust of salt (min. x2) each
Mix of fried fish or squids with vegetables julienne in bread’s waffle
Grilled big prawns or scampi with basmati rice and curry sauce
Grilled sea-bass with potatoes or grilled vegetables
Dory fish fillet on choice
Tuna fish slice in sesame with mustard or grilled with sautéed spinach
Salmon slice au gratin with pink pepper and asparagus
Thinly sliced sea-bass with rucola and cherry tomatoes
Grilled big prawns or scampi with Basmati rice and curry sauce



The Way it used to be


Vegetables soup
Real Milanese rice
Oven-baked rustic chicken with spicy sauce and oven-baked potatoes
Braised Ganascino beef with polenta
Fried breaded veal chop with rucola, cherry tomatoes or oven-baked potatoes
Fish soup with bread’s croutons





Grilled vegetables, oven-baked potatoes, parsley potatoes, chips, mixed salad, spinach, polenta



For cheese lovers


Selection of Lombard cheese with honey and home-made jam



Henry’s salads


Caesar salad: Roman lettuce, bread’s croutons, french dressing, anchovies
La duchessa di Palliano: Boiled chicken, mixed salad, olives and nuts
La badessa di Castro: Mixed salad, potatoes, string beans, basil, pine nuts, raisins
Il rosa e il verde: Crispy bacon, soncino salad, apple, bread’s croutons, olives
Insalata Greca: Mixed salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, Feta cheese, olives and red onion
I cenci: Tuna fish, rucola, boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, mayonnaise
Vittoria Accoramboni: Pears, pecorino cheese, green lettuce, endive, nuts
Lamiel: Green salad, marinated salmone, endive, mango and orange


Our staff will be happy to assist you with any further request or variation.


The following high quality products are deep-frozen or frozen at the origin: Shrimps, prawns, shrimps’s tails, prawns’s tails, octopus, swordfish, squids, lamb chops and fried potatoes. Frozen bread is oven-baked.